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Unlike usual video and photo services who rush into delivering you a DVD right at the spot, we like to take our time and make an art out of your media. That’s why we can’t deliver immediately. We hope you understand.

In order to provide you the best service ever, we have set up this website for you to access your media.

  • Every video has been custom made for you and your group by a professional video editor.
  • Your photos have been post processed by experienced photographers.
  • And we have made sure to centralize the best services for your media delivery.

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It’s Not Just Media, This Is An Art

We are here to provide you with the best photos and video you can get in during your swim with whale shark experience.

What makes us stand out from the crowd is our amazing team, a group of passionate photographers, video makers and editors from around the world that are all about photography and marine life.

While some other tours use a payed guide to do the photo snapping, we have a dedicated film maker and photographer going on the boat with you, for you. A professional in media creation, not a tour guide.

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Our 2013 Whale Shark Skin Pattern Identification Project

Aside from taking top quality photos and footage of you and your loved ones, we are dedicated to collect data for ECOCEAN, a Whale Shark Photo identification library that uses skin patterns in the whale sharks to identify them and gather important data about previous and future sightings of each individual shark.

In order to involve you more in this exciting project we will let you know whenever get a match from a whale shark you swam with.

Here’s a glance at some of your previous customers snorkelling with whale sharks in Mexico